30 Photos That Prove Makeup Doesn’t Have To Be “Natural” To Be Beautiful

BuzzFeed, January 2015

"Women are often told the key to wearing makeup is to look like you aren’t wearing any. But these Instagrammers — who are undoubtedly naturally beautiful — show that there’s nothing wrong with unnatural makeup and hair."

This Is How To Make Your Nails Look Fly AF This Wedding Season

BuzzFeed, June 2015

Whether you're the bride, a bridesmaid, or a guest.

We Tried Kylie Jenner’s Line Of $250 Hair Extensions

BuzzFeed, June 2015

Six women from BuzzFeed put them to the test.

This Manicure is Fast, Doesn't Chip, and Costs $8. You're Welcome., November 2013

"Though I adore pretty nail polish and fun nail art, getting a manicure actually isn't one of my favorite beauty rituals -- mainly because I have yet to find the perfect manicure. Most manicures either chip too fast or are too expensive, and I just don't have the patience to spend an iPhone-free hour at the salon every week or two. (I can't tell you how many times I've been en route to a wedding or an event wondering if there would be a cheap nail salon near my hotel because I hadn't made time to get a manicure!) But last week, I found a manicure that is super fast, doesn't chip, and costs less than my lunch most days."

Just browsin: How to pretend you have full eyebrows when you definitely do not

The Rewm, August 2014

"Now, if this looks super high-maintenance, it’s because it is. When I first got my products from Craig (which all came in a handy little kit), I used all of them every single day. I’d pretend to be Bob Ross and draw happy little trees on my face each morning, and it took a while because I wasn’t very good at it. (Note: a makeup remover wipe wrapped around your finger is great for cleaning up mistakes!) Good brow days became the new good hair days. But over time, I got better at it, and I learned which products were most important for everyday wear."

Open Thread: Beauty

A Practical Wedding, September 2013

"Since I wasn’t having my hair or makeup professionally done for the second wedding, I went to Target and bought one of those fancy curling wands that looks like a sex toy, spent a delightful weekend watching YouTube videos and Pinning hairstyles and makeup looks, and attempted to give myself big sexy curls every morning before work for the next ten days. I went to see a man about my eyebrows again; this time he sold me the kit I needed to give myself full and fabulous brows for my friend’s wedding. I practiced giving myself full and luscious eyebrows diligently for about twenty minutes each morning; the first several days I looked more 'Angry Birds' than Hollywood royalty, but I got a little better at it each day. "

Oh, Beehive!

The Rewm, June 2013

"As I was admiring my handiwork, Eric called upstairs to let me know it was time for dinner. So then I had that moment that I have every time I try out a new hairstyle or makeup self-consciousness about its newness. I feel like a teenage girl who just discovered makeup every single time, which is the main reason I rarely try new things. But, feeling like I had just been caught doing something illicit, I hurried to put away the mirror and bobby pins and went downstairs, trying to act natural but prepared to blush when he noticed the style."

So Clutch: What Our Editors Are Packing in Their Purses This Wedding Season, June 2014

"As Team Loverly prepares to head to the wedding of one of our own this weekend (yes, there was a reason we had cake in the office yesterday!), our editors are prepping their purses with their summer wedding must-haves."

4 Things My Grandmother Taught Me About Beauty

Birchbox, Summer 2012

'You don’t pluck your eyebrows. You pluck a chicken.' This is what my grandmother told me as she tweezed my eyebrows for the first time. I was unsatisfied by my bushy brows and went to her when my mom wasn’t around to ask if she’d do something about them. A former aesthetician, she was happy to help. (My mother, upon arriving home, was not thrilled that my grandma had done this without her permission.) She never explained why it was proper to say 'tweeze' instead of 'pluck,' but to this day, I’ve never made that mistake again."

How to Make a Beauty Trend Age-Appropriate

Birchbox, Summer 2012

"Start small. If you aren’t sure if a trend is appropriate for you, start with the smallest version of it you can get away with. I was loving nail art, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. To test the waters, I started with a super bright color, more bold than I’d usually wear. I loved it and felt good about it, so then I added nail art to just my ring fingers and thumbs. I felt good about that too, so then I went for the full nail art manicure. If you start to feel childish or silly, scale it back; in my experience, most people know deep down when they are crossing the line—trust that feeling."

Nailing It: NCLA Nail Wraps

The Rewm, August 2013

"After doing quite a bit of research on the best salons for nail art in Houston and coming up empty-handed (so to speak), I kept coming back to the nail wraps from NCLA. I’ve been following their Instagram for a while, and I really, really wanted to try their wraps. Even though I didn’t have much luck with the other brand of nail wraps I’d tried (via a Birchbox sample a few months ago), I had high hopes for these. I read a ton of reviews and all of them were pretty good, so I sent the link to my mom with a PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE the week before my birthday. Then I decided not to risk it and ordered the ones I wanted most as a birthday gift to myself. But my mom came through with another pair I loved: the Lisa-Frank-esque pastel pantera. (Which I’m now seeing are actually described as inspired by Lisa Frank in the product description…makes sense.) Both sets of wraps arrived on Friday (in awesome shiny magenta envelopes!) and I was so, so, so excited to try them out over the weekend."