"For when you want to send people good cheer without losing your damn mind."

"We are what we pretend to be, so this year, pretend to be a burrito."

This Valentine’s Day Bouquet Is Borderline Genius

BuzzFeed, February 2015

"Because you LIKE flowers, but you NEED razor blades."

Make the DIY Gold Bar Cart of Your Dreams

Brit.co/Lover.ly, January 2013

"It seems like no modern house or apartment is complete without a hip bar cart (where else will you showcase your dashing decanters?). Since they can get pretty pricey, we were thrilled when we learned of an easy way to turn a $40 tool cart into a luxe bar cart. We decided to put our own Lover.ly spin on it and take it from industrial and masculine to all-out glam. While the shiny red cart is cute as-is, (you definitely don’t need to paint it), we wanted to give it some polish with a few coats of gold spray paint."

Arts & Crafts: Little Pricks

The Rewm, July 2013

"Inspired by two different tutorials, I decided to put together some cactus gardens for my office, which needed some prettifying. My mom had a cactus garden on our kitchen table for the longest time when I was growing up, and a few weeks ago, when Eric got so sunburned (and then had, like, an insane and totally sudden allergic reaction to the Solarcaine he had been putting on the burn for a few days without issue), I found myself really missing her aloe plant. So! I decided to give this a try."

Made with Love: DIY Pineapple Vase

Lover.ly, April 2014

"When it comes to DIY wedding centerpieces, we say: show off the fruits of your labor! Fruit displays bring a fresh touch to any fete and are typically very budget-friendly. In this simple DIY, pineapple pairs perfectly with a simple bunch of flowers to create a centerpiece that's nothing short of wedding-worthy."

Best Buds: How to Make a Wrist Corsage

Lover.ly, June 2014

"The wrist corsage has come a long way since your 10th grade dance! The more modern version--featuring elegant flowers like peonies, ranunculus, or garden roses--feels like a fresh take on the oh-so-trendy floral crown, and is perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding VIPs. It's also surprisingly easy to make yourself! Read on to learn how to make a wrist corsage."

The So-Easy DIY Winter Decor Idea You Have to Try

Lover.ly, June 2013

"A couple of weeks ago, I came across a pin on Pinterest that showed how to make a pretty wintry bucket to decorate your front porch. It seemed inexpensive and easy to pull off -- which is what I typically look for in a DIY project! -- so last week, I decided to make it a reality."

A Simple Holiday Centerpiece You Can Make in 5 Minutes

Lover.ly, December 2013

"If you've been too busy to even think about a centerpiece for your holiday dinner (or winter wedding!), good news: it's not too late! This DIY project is super easy, and you can pick up everything you need when you're out grabbing wrapping paper or stocking stuffers this weekend."